Core Values

29 October 2007
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Core Values

EuroLight embraces the values of its partners and adheres to the core values adopted for the campaign of Lifting the burden. In particular, EuroLight adopts the values described below as core, undeniable and incontrovertible.

Ethical conduct

EuroLight will ensure that all research and other activities conducted on its behalf or in its name respect persons and human rights and otherwise meet universally accepted ethical standards(1).

Efficiency coupled with equity

EuroLight concentrate its activities where they are most needed and where they can best achieve benefit.

Strength in partnership

EuroLight creates partnership between the headache NGOs, public bodies, clinicians and a scientific organisation, in order to couple resources with experience, know-how and contacts in pursuit of a european change for good.

Respect for science

EuroLight recognizes that good health care is based on evidence, and that the origins of evidence lie in science and scientific method.

Ambition coupled with realism

EuroLight sets itself challenging but achievable targets.

Openness and accountability

Everyone affected by headache and everyone working in the headache field are stakeholders in EuroLight.The collaborating partners help us multiplicate the information that the associated partners collected. In the Project Steering Committee which directs EuroLight, there are representatives of WHA, EHA, EHF, national NGO's and members of IHS. The Evaluating Board comprises representatives of EHA, IHS, EHF and Eurostat. EuroLight consults widely in formulating its actions, keeping stakeholders informed of intentions and progress through this website.

Independence from unwanted influence

EuroLight will not be guided or influenced by commercial considerations, and will not seek or accept funding that creates conflicts of interest or from companies dealing in arms, tobacco or alcohol.


(1). Ethics Subcommittee of the International Headache Society. Ethical issues in headache research and management. Report and recommendations. Cephalalgia 1998; 18: 505-529. (View this document as a pdf, from the IHS website)