What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is the latest buzzword in the psychology world. But what exactly is NLP? And how can it help you shift your mindset to boost your motivation, make life changes, or even lose weight with ease?

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

NLP is considered an alternative type of psychology. The idea behind this modality is that your thoughts and mind shape your reality and your behavior. Your beliefs, values and attitudes play an integral role in the way you perceive the world around you.

What NLP does is change your values and beliefs, so you can make long-lasting changes to your life.

The central focus of NLP is modeling. Modeling is how we learn; it’s a part of our nature. When you were a child, you modeled your parents by imitating what they did and said. Using this same approach, you can model how someone does and says something as an adult, so that you can achieve the same results they did.

So if you want to be like the CEO of your company, pay attention to his or her behavior and words. Dig into the past to find out what he or she did to get to the top.

NLP was first developed as a therapeutic technique in the 1960s by modeling some of the best therapists of the time. The goal was to uncover how these therapists were able to create change in people. Researchers looked at what these therapists said and how their words affected their clients.

Up until this point, psychologists only studied disease. They understood how things could go wrong, but they do not understand how people excel in life.

Using this foundation, researchers created a simple model of how the human mind works. This model was then used to create a set of techniques designed to help a person change their mindset, behaviors and beliefs.

A mindset coach could help you turn your life around.

How NLP Can Help

Every human being on this planet has experienced doubt, challenges and trauma at some point in time. And these emotions are an indication that you have unresolved issues from your past. Your mind attempts to relive this problem, or problems, until you’ve found a solution. Only when you’ve dealt with and resolved these issues can you finally get what you want.

It’s not uncommon for people to have the following limiting beliefs:

  • I don’t deserve the things I want in life.
  • I’m unlucky.
  • I’ll never have enough money to do the things I want.
  • I don’t have time.
  • I’ll never be able to lose weight.

Neuro linguistic programming can be used for more than just weight loss. It can be used to help you:

  • Improve your confidence, so you can go after that promotion or new job.
  • Change your perspective on life, so you can avoid negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.
  • Boost your motivation, so you set and achieve your goals.

NLP Coaching has long been used as a self-help tool, and has helped many people achieve their life goals. While it doesn’t work 100% of the time (no therapy does), those who are motivated and committed see the best results.